10-Week Wine and Meat CSA


CSA subscription for 10 weeks. CSA wine and meat paired with an item that can be used as an appetizer or for marinating. This option is a seasonal farm share and must be picked up at one of our locations.

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This unique CSA option includes a pairing of wine and seasonal farm fresh meat along with dips or marinating items. In total the weekly share includes about two-four pounds of either chicken, pork, or lamb and a bottle of wine to pair. For side dressings you will receive a vinegar, hummus, salsa, dozen eggs, or similar item. Vegetables will be added free of charge when in abundance. Weekly recipes will be delivered to those who purchase this option. Pickup is required at any of our locations. Here is a link to our other farm shares.

Additional information


this item is a weekly subscription for the entire growing season


this item is grown and fermented without any synthetic chemicals and with respect for natural processes

6-8 lbs

the weekly share is 6-8 lbs. Total seasonal weight is 204-272 lbs


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